Sarah Whitworth

sarah_profileSarah Whitworth 2nd Dan – Instructor

Sarah has been training in Shito Ryu Karate for 10 years and has held the rank of 2nd Dan since 10th November 2013.

I first joined the Sale Dojo scene as a parent supporting my son, James, and then my daughter, Lucy, as they trained. After 2 years of sitting on the bench, and at the young age of forty odd, I plucked up the courage to give it a go myself and have not looked back. Karate has given me confidence as well as being a great way to work out, learn new skills and meet new people.

The obvious highlight of my karate career has been achieving my black belt after sweat and tears and hard training. The feeling of pride and achievement far outweighs the utter exhaustion and muscle ache – and is longer lasting! Hopefully, I will be able to achieve my 2nd Dan within the year.

Since gaining my black belt, my main role within the club is to help the youngsters before their kyu gradings. Being a teacher in a local primary school helps me to communicate with the kids on their level – turning front stance into ‘giant’s steps’ and Shiko – dachi into ‘sitting on a fat horse’! I find it very rewarding working with a student offering advice, and then watching them putting it into action and achieving their next colour belt. The smiles on their faces make it all worthwhile.

The thing I love about Sale Dojo is that it has that unique blend of inclusion – where all the family are welcomed whatever their age or ability; whilst still striving to excel with students successfully competing on the National and International stage. Well done, Sensei Swain!