Haley Williamson

2007-06-10 haley_williamsonHaley Williamson 2nd Dan – Dan Grade Assessor

Haley has been training in Shito Ryu Karate for 9 years and has held the rank of 2nd Dan since 17th May 2009.

I started karate early 2004 my son Chris had already started, I thought it looked like something fun to do together so after having my youngest son I joined in.  I competed in a few kumite competitions just for fun but was very proud to get a silver medal at the Northern Open Classic in 2008, however, being beat by a 16yr old made me realise I was far too old to compete!

I have been teaching since gaining my 1st Dan in 2007.    I now work with sensei Angie Tomlin preparing students for their Dan grades which can be hard work but a lot of fun.  Working through your belts and gaining a black belt involves a lot of hard work and dedication.  It’s nice to play a part in helping people achieve that goal.