Brian Kanayanga

Brian Kanayanga 2nd Dan – Kumite Instructor

Brian has been training in Shito Ryu Karate for 7 years and has held the rank of 2nd Dan since 30th October 2011

Having watched far too much Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jean Claude Van Damme films whilst I was very young boy, I developed an interest in taking up martial arts just to emulate those silky moves being performed by these icons, The opportunity to finally have a go at coping them presented itself when I emigrated from Kenya in 2002 at the age of 16. At this point Instead of gluing myself in front of the TV, I decided to experiment with karate, I decision I have never looked back and regretted.

My first instructor was sensei Ricky Birchall 7th Dan where I trained under Ken Yu Kai Karate Association. Under his guidance I earned my 1st Dan black belt in just over 3yrs that I can actually acknowledge was my first proud achievement.

The hunger to achieve more than just basic training but also acknowledgement as an athlete nationally was sparked by success at the Ken Yu Kai National Championships; this drove me to seek further training and competitions.  Luckily I didn’t have to look far, Ken Yu Kai had a squad that travelled nationally and internationally and was well known to be the best in the country, here I met Sensei Ian Swain 6th Dan who ran the squad, and at the time he had noticed my potential and interest in the sport.

Having seen some of his furious student compete I was scared at being the next punching bad I gingerly agreed to join him. Under his guidance I had won my first English medal, a  silver at the English Championships. Though bitterly disappointed at not winning the big price, it acted as a catapult to encourage me to train harder and ever more determined

Nearly 7 years later and still under the guidance of Sensei Ian Swain I can confidently say has mounded me to the person I am as an athlete and socially as an individual. Under him I have been able to achieve my 2nd Dan whilst en route to reaching it I have also becomes a common well known athlete in the British Circuit winning more titles and still counting. More precious than the titles I have also become an athlete fellow competitors admire this is an achievement I never though I would have reached.