Sale Karate Club

Sensei Eric Tomlinson and Sensei Dave Wraxall 1981

Sensei Eric Tomlinson and Sensei Dave Wraxall 1981

Sale Karate Club was established in 1978 by  Sensei  Eric Tomlinson at Sale West Community Centre Manchester, a few years later it was taken over by Sensei Dave Wraxall. Since then it has grown from strength to strength.

The club was originally established to ‘give something back to the community’ and this tradition has continued until today. It has provided a strong foundation, which has made a significant, positive difference in thousands of lives, both young and old.

The most significant benefits, to all levels of students are discipline; the concept behind Karate is very military (hence the term ‘martial art’). Karate has a ranking system, with the different ranks denoted by different coloured belts. It promotes a healthy spirit of competitiveness, so useful in adult life and business, as everybody works hard to earn promotion. In Japan, karate is taught in schools and Japan’s crime rate is almost none existent.

Karate provides all of the good things that you would want for any child, a caring atmosphere in which to meet new friends, self esteem, self confidence, self discipline, respect for themselves and others, a very enjoyable way to become flexible and keep fit. It exercises both body and mind and I know of no other sport that provides so much benefit to children and adults alike.


sale_dojo_history_before214th February 2003 before renovation

Sale Dojo Is Born

sale_dojo_history_before4It was decided that, in order to provide the stability that the club needed to consolidate the current membership and also attract more students, it was necessary to relocate to new premises.  After an exhaustive search, suitable premises with great potential were located, but in an enormous state of disrepair. On the 14th February 2003, after renovations that cost tens of thousands of pounds, a full-time Karate Dojo was established and Sale Dojo was born.

sale_dojo_history_before3It is in Tournament Karate where Sale Dojo excels. We have earned an excellent reputation on the National and International Karate Tournament circuits, as a club of winners. The winning attitude we install in our students positively affects every area of our student’s lives, making them winners, not just in karate, but also in life.

The success of the club can largely be attributed to the dedication, commitment, sheer hard work and the genuine belief in and love for what you do, of its Senior Instructors.

sale_dojo_history_dojo sale_dojo_history_group03

Renovation completed, successful 1st year at Sale Dojo 2004