7th May 2017 – Dan Grading

It’s always a huge day in our calendar at Sale Dojo and what seems to be the norm, the sun was glaring through the skylight and the temperature was fairly warm. Despite the heat the course was fairly well attended with only a couple of notable absentees, Kelly Horsfall and Natalie Payne, who were off representing their country at the Senior European Championships.

The Dan grade this time only had one student, Eve Holdsworth eligible to attempt her Shodan and one student, Ray Eagle was attempting his Dangrade_may17assessment. It’s always more difficult to perform to the level required in such a small grading, as it’s more difficult to create the atmosphere and intensity needed. Due to the hard work and level of training they’ve both endured over the past twelve months with Sensei Haley Williamson and Sensei Andy Healey they were both well prepared for the task in hand.

So it gives me huge pleasure on behalf of the instructors, senior grades and club members in congratulating Eve Holdsworth on her successful  black belt award. I know it’s been a tough road but that makes the euphoria worth it in the end, well done we are all so proud.

I would also like to congratulate Ray on his assessment and can formally invite him to attempt his Shodan on 12th November later this year.