6th November 2016 – Dan Grade

Always a massive day on the Sale Dojo calendar and there seemed to be a strange atmosphere probable due to the disappointment of the previous grading six months ago. At least this time the weather was a little kinder with the dojo a little cooler, there’ll be no excuses this time.dan_grade2016

I know when there are disappointments you can either walk away or get up and dust yourself off and start working again, this tells me the type of character of an individual and whether or not you have the determination of becoming a black belt. I can proudly say how impressed I’ve been on the work ethic and sheer will to succeed of Andy Healey and Sam Waterman-Smith. I am so proud and on behalf of the senior instructors and membership, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate them both on their achievement of Shodan. I know it’s been a long road and I know there has been a lot of people helping you on your way but I’m sure you both would like to join me in thanking Sensei Haley for all her hard work over the past 18 long months.

I always think your black belt is not only for yourself but something that belongs to the whole club, an inspiration to everyone training. Seconds, thirds and fourths are a little more personal to yourself but certainly no less important, just slightly tougher. So I would also like to congratulate Niamh Horsfall on the award of Nidan and sister Kelly on the award of Sandan, fantastic grading.

Just think Kelly at last you can have your picture on the dojo hall of fame…

Thanks to all who attended the course once again brilliant support.