6th May 2018 – Dan Grade

Probably one of the most enjoyable courses we has ever hosted at Sale Dojo and a huge thanks must go out to Sensei Lee Nelson on his superb weapons seminar. Most of our guys have only trained with myself and my instructors, so it is so nice to be able to invite a guest instructor down to give to us something completely different and fresh. On a personal note it was so nice be a student again and learn something new myself.

I didn’t mention to anybody prior to the event that Sensei Lee was teaching our course, so nobody would have any misconception about what the course was all about. Once students realised that we had a weapons course planned it didn’t take too long for Ellie Payne to let the whole of Sale know what was going on in the dojo. I’ve never seen Ellie get that excited and certainly not for one of my lessons.

I think the course was a huge success and I think I will be defiantly booking another course in the never future if the positive feed back is anything to go by.

The course was just a very small part of an important day, as in the afternoon we had our main event, our Dan grading. Only one of our students were attempting their grades this time, Sensei Anders Heptinshall trying to achieve his Nidan. I always feel that there’s alot more pressure on my instructors at a grading, as they are put on a pedestal by our students and more so in Ander’s case he teaches our younger members. Just to heap even more pressure on to his shoulder s the hierarchy of our club pointed out that he hasn’t graded for over 10 years.

Sensei Ian Swain, Sensei Anders Heptinstall, Sensei Andy Blake, Sensei Tony Tutty.

So you can’t believe how much pleasure it gives me in congratulate Anders on the award of his Nidan, especially after all the work and dedication he gives to our club and it’s members.

Hopefully the next grade wont be in another 10 years.