31st October 08 – Halloween Party

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What a scary turnout, and they were just the parents who didn’t dress up! 

A great evening was had by all with many games including the chocolate game, bobbing apples, making bats, spooky corners and I suppose the most memorable game was the mummy game. Four of our dads volunteered to be wrapped up from head to toe in toilet roll and then spooky objects placed onto them. The winner was the first to escape. Haven’t got a clue who won!

A special thank you to the Craven family for donating their Halloween props for the evening,  what kind of family would have so many Halloween items in their loft? I think you need to seek therapy.

Also thank you to the Debi Piper and the Craig family for helping set up the dojo in preparation for the successful evening we had.

And finally a huge thank you to all those who turned up at 8am on Saturday morning before the lesson to tidy up, oh that was just me then!!  Well Done Ian.

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