2nd November 08 – Ken Yu Kai Nationals

 New Picture (88)I must admit the Ken Yu Kai Nationals is one of my least favourite events on the calendar.  I think this is because when we are on the road we all compete as one team even though we are separate clubs and it is difficult to see my friends as the opposition.  On a personal note, I feel the pressure is quite intense on myself and the other coaches due to the high expectation of success as we are the largest club within Ken Yu Kai with the vast majority of the squad coming from our club.

New Picture (89)First of all I am going to start with my usual rant, I know we have had a very busy year and maybe one or two are starting to feel the financial pinch but I am very disappointed with the lack of numbers from our club this year especially our junior grades as I feel we have put a lot of time and effort into promoting junior competition.

Over the last five or six years, we average between forty and sixty competitors, this year a pitiful twenty-eight and as our club numbers are as big as ever this is not good enough.

On a lighter note, we still came out as the top club within the association, probably the highest tally of first places ever, a true testament to those who did get off their backsides.

9 Individual Gold        5 Individual Silver            7 Individual Bronze        2 Team Kata Gold        1 Team Kata Silver

2 Pair Kata Gold     1 Pair Kata Silver        1 Pair Kata Bronze          4 Team Kumite Gold    1 Team Kumite Bronze


I think looking back  17 gold (yes one seven)  7 silver and 9 bronze, I have to be pleased and if this success continues next year, this maybe my favourite competition.   I am not going to mention all of our successes but I think I should at least acknowledge our top performer of the day, Lucy Whitworth, individual kata gold, pair kata gold, and team kata gold – what a little star!


Well Done to the whole Squad.