19th October 08 – Dan Grade

A huge congratulations to Debi Piper  who passed her Shodan (1st Dan Black Belt)

Debi has been very committed to us in many aspects, not just her training but helping us in many ways to promote karatedo and helping to make Sale Dojo a success.  Like a lot of our adult students she started after her children attended our free five week course and felt she may as well join in instead of just watching.  Unfortunately, Ryan and Alana have long since gone but now we are stuck with their mother (only joking Debi, we love you really)

It takes around four to five years of hard work and dedication to achieve your black belt.

Debi is the 42nd person to pass this grade from Sale Dojo, I feel this is an outstanding achievement on both parts as we have only been based at Sale Dojo since February 2003.

Well done also to Sensei Tony Tutty and Sensei Abby Davidson for passing their Nidan (2nd Dan Black Belt)  we are also very proud of you too.