19th November 2017 – Yanagi Kai Club Championships

This is the first time we have organised our event in Penrith, this was due to the Manchester Open being moved from September to the beginning of November, we felt it would be a little unfair asking our club members at Sale to support two competitions in such close proximity. It made more sense to move further North as we have more clubs in and around the Cumbria area. Despite the timings and distance we still managed to take twenty five of our squad members to the club championships and still managed to come top of the medal table, brilliant effort.

A huge thanks to all at Mitsuru Karate who helped in setting up and the running of a great event and once again thanks to all the officials for giving up their time for our members, much appreciated.

One of the highlights of the day was the awarding for Sensei Mark Holding of his 6th Dan, I was delighted on behalf of the Yanagi Kai  senior instructors to award this honour for all the hard work and dedication he dedicates to our sport. With the event being held where Mark runs his main club, it seemed quite fitting that his friends, family and students could share in his achievement. I know I eat, sleep and breath karate but he seems to take it to a different level and can’t think of anyone who deserve this more.

I would also like to take the opportunity of welcoming Sensei Gordon Harrison and his members in joining our association, you can’t believe how delighted I am that someone with such knowledge and experience is now part of the Yanagi Kai family.

1 Sale Dojo 12 gold 16 silver 14 bronze

2 Mitsuru  12 gold 10 silver 28 bronze

3 Red Sun  7 gold 5 silver 13 bronze

4 Cumbria Karate Academy 2 gold 4 silver 5 bronze

5 Yorkshire Mitsuru  2 gold 0 silver 3 bronze