16th December 2016 – High-Funtioning Trafford

High Functioning16.docxUnfortunately two of our students from High Functioning Trafford were unable to participate in the last grading but we felt that it was important that the group progressed through their grades at the same rate. It give me great pleasure to congratulate William and Imogen on their 9th kyu red belt grading. Once again a huge thanks to the Cartwright group for sponsoring our High-Functioning children.

Information on High-functioning Trafford

High-functioning Trafford is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation setup in 2013 by a group of parents whose children have high-functioning autism (HFA). We were very much aware that there was a lack of out of school activities/support groups for our children and in fact us as parents also, so we decided to do something about it.  We formed a committee and managed to source some community group funding.

As parents we know that when a child has HFA the whole family is affected and therefore we have been running monthly social meet-ups since September 2013 where our children (including any siblings) can have fun together without being judged.  

Parents also attend the meet-ups but can get together in a separate room for a chat with others who understand their situation.

 Children with autism often find it hard to access mainstream out-of-school clubs due to their difficulties with social interaction, sensory issues and anxiety. Most of them also have co-ordination difficulties (including dyspraxia) so sports clubs can be particularly challenging. However, with the right support, patience and encouragement our children can achieve great things. So as well as our monthly meet-ups we have aimed to provide additional activities and courses which benefit the children and parents in many ways, such as social skills, art therapy, mindfulness, trampolining, multi-skills and most recently Karate – all of which help with fine and gross motor co-ordination, attention & social skills, reduce anxiety and most importantly build self-esteem, confidence and friendships.