12th October 08 – Sale Dojo Kumite Competition

New Picture (79)Another hugely successful day down at the dojo, this was our second kumite competition we’ve hosted this year.

A massive thanks of gratitude to all the volunteers involved in the set up and running of our tournament.

We managed to raise just shy of five hundred pounds, this money will go back into the club funds towards the squads, trips and parties for our younger members.

Hopefully with more hard work and a little gentle persuasion from our instructors in the future this could become as popular as our  kata competition in the summer. There were just under seventy competitors on the day and most of them junior grades which is always very pleasing to see. I feel we are heading in the right direction with this format, but any feedback  would be gratefully appreciated.

Once again we finished top of the medal table with 7 gold 3 silver and 11 bronze. We have a reputation as a club of fighters and on this evidence this assumption will stay in tact. 

New Picture (69)Section 1         under 4’ 0’ Mixed boys/girls open grade

1st        Mia Swain                                 Sale Dojo

2nd      Lucy Whitworth                       Sale Dojo

3rd       Demi Pope                                Langworthy Dojo

3rd       Tom Dobbie                             Sale Dojo


New Picture (70)


Section 2       4’0 – 4’6’ boys open grade

1st        Thomas Tutty                          Sale Dojo

2nd       George Brophy                       Broughton Ken Yu Kai

3rd       James Whitworth                    Sale Dojo


New Picture (71)Section 3     4’6′ girls open weight
1st           Becky Darvil                              Langworth Dojo

2nd       Brooke Arnold                     Simister Ken Yu Kai

3rd       Jessica Hill                            Red Sun Ken Yu Kai

3rd       Alana Lees                             Sale Dojo


New Picture (72)

Section 4       4’6 – 5’0’ boys white – blue

1st        Nathan Dytor                        Sale Dojo

2nd       Jordan Arnold                      Simister Ken Yu Kai

3rd       Dayton Lees                           Sale Dojo

3rd       Marcus Coore                        Sale Dojo


New Picture (73)



Section 5       4’6 – 5’0’ girls white – blue

1st        Jade Brettle                           Langworthy Dojo

2nd       Eve Wheelan                         Prestwich Ken Yu Kai




New Picture (75)Section 6       4’6 – 5’0’ boys purple – black

1st        Linden Hamer                         Sale Dojo

2nd       Aaron Kiernan                        Sale Dojo

3rd       Leon Johns                               Sale Dojo

3rd       Max Bardsley-Rowe               Sale Dojo


New Picture (74)


Section 7       4’6 – 5’0’ girls purple – black

1st        Lauren Tutty                            Sale Dojo

2nd       Natasha Holmes                     Failsworth Ken Yu Kai

3rd       Molly Dwyer                             Langworthy Ken Yu Kai


New Picture (76)

Section 8       over 5’0’ boys white – blue

1st        George Swain                           Sale Dojo

2nd       Sam Donley                              Red Sun Ken Yu Kai

3rd       James Edgerley                        Red Sun Ken Yu Kai



New Picture (77)

Section 9       over 5’0’ boys purple – black

1st        Jake Kiernan                             Sale Dojo

2nd       Adam McColgan                      Langworthy Dojo

3rd       Christopher Willilamson        Sale Dojo

3rd       Robin Hamer                            Sale Dojo


New Picture (78)Section 10     over 5’0’ girls purple – black

1st        Jessica Maitland                      Mossley Ken Yu Kai

2nd       Ami Garrod – Rogers             Sale Dojo

3rd       Jayne Craig                               Sale Dojo