11th March 2018 – Chojinkai Children’s Championships

I been supporting the Chojinkai competitions for more than 30 years, the main draw for us as a club is the proximity to Scotland, so there are plenty of quality competitors from over the boarder to compete against. The standard of officials is usually of a high standard due to Sensei Doug James credentials as a world class official.

I arrived at the venue a hour before the tournament start time, the car park was packed and a indicator of the day to come. This is probably the busiest I ever seen this event and too be honest the venue struggled with the sheer numbers.

We only had a squad of around 15 in attendance this now seems to be the norm, I little disappointing as we have over 30 in our squad. I think we need to redress the balance as we seem to be sending students all over the country to various courses to improve our tournament karate prospects, but not attending the competitions that we are trying to improve for, nonsensical to me. I suppose the proof will be in the pudding after the English results, Competing on the mat is as important as the training….

Well done to all our competitors on the day, especially Lydia Bevan, once again our top competitor, two kata gold medals and a Silver in the kumite. I would also like to say what a brilliant performance from Alfie Moore Silver in the boys 10-11 year, defiantly one for the future. Finally Rhys Daly picked up his first medal fighting for Sale Dojo, a Bonze in the Boys 10 – 11 brown & black belts, I sure with his work ethic and talent this will defiantly be one of many.


Gold – Lydia Bevan – female cadet
Gold – Lydia Bevan – female Junior
Gold – Sam Eagle – boy 12/13 3rd kyu+
Bronze – Liberty Blake – girls 10/11 3rd kyu+
Bronze – George Donne – boys 12/13 4th kyu and below


Silver – Lydia Bevan – female cadet
Silver – Alfie Moore – boys 10/11 4th kyu and below
Bronze – Sam Eagle – boy 12/13 3rd kyu+
Bronze – Tahlia Blake – girls 10/11 3rd kyu+
Bronze – Rhys Daly – boys 10/11 3rd kyu+