11th February 2018 – UK International Karate Open

The senior instructors at the dojo have decided that the squad is going to support the associations who attended our Manchester Open at the end of last year. The money that we generate through our event is fed back into our International athletes, this is why I chose Sensei Paul Campbell’s competition in Birmingham over the one being held in Barnsley and hopefully he will return the favour in November.

Disappointingly we only took a small squad of eight competitors down the M6, I think school half term and the distance traveling contributed in the small numbers even though the club was prepared to put on transport. I also don’t think Paul did himself any favours in charging £18.00 per entry at such a small event, unfortunately this will probably become the norm as costs of venues and running of competitions increase.

The quality of the competitors was extremely high for such a small event and was nice to compete against athletes from a different region, I felt last year the competitions in the north were becoming a little too familiar.

Lydia Bevan was the star of the day with a double gold in kata and kumite, a true karateka, the thing that pleases me the most was her enthusiasm and excitement in being able to fight after her mini break in preparation for team kata with England at the European Championships. I think this notion has come from the England setup that you can only compete in one of the disciplines and I feel this is now trickling into our clubs structure, this is something that I thought I had eradicated when we moved into the dojo. This can’t be good for our sport at youth level.

The biggest positive of the weekend was the return of Lauren Tutty after a two year break, she took silver in the senior ladies and no signs of any ring rust. Should have been the gold after the referees missed the most blatant head kick ever, one of the worst decisions I have ever seen. Much bigger fish to fry though for Lauren, British University Championships next week for a chance to compete in the World Championships in Japan.

Ellie Costin also took silver in the 12 -13 kata,  beat in a close final 2-1. Eve Holdworth came in the bronze medal position in the same category. Tahlia Blake also had a couple of bronze medals in the girls 10 -11 kata and kumite.

Is this a first time all our medals have been won by our ladies?

Well done all and thanks for your support.

Oh “Liam keep your guard up!”


Gold – Lydia Bevan girls 14-15
Silver – Ellie Costin girl 12-13
Bronze – Eve Holdsworth girl 12-13
Bronze – Tahlia Blake girl 12-13


Gold – Lydia Bevan girls 14-15
Silver – Lauren Tutty senior ladies
Bronze – Tahlia Blake girl 12-13